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Post  Evie on Tue Jun 07, 2016 12:59 pm

Simagination is a place for fans of The Sims franchise, but we at Simagination also understand that fans of the game have varied interests and hobbies, and we strive to give every member a common ground [The Sims] while also providing an outlet for each member to share their varied interests and hobbies. If you're a fan of The Sims, and you also have other interests in television, music, movies, other games, and even like to talk and share about your real life, then Simagination is the place for you! We value the friendships we make online through our interests and welcome Sims fans of all types; Players, picture takers and editors, competitors, writers, creators, builders, shy people, outgoing people, unknown and well known alike. Simagination welcomes all.

This thread is a place for you to introduce yourself to the rest of the members here at Simagination. Share as little or as much about yourself as you feel comfortable. If you've been referred by another member make sure to give them credit as for every 10 people they refer, they are granted a featured position on the portal page for 1 month. We all sincerely hope you enjoy your time here. Welcome!

Your avatar is required to be at least 200 pixels wide, the height can be anything but the maximum that will be displayed is 300 pixels tall. You can use your signature to share a small amount of information about yourself such as which games you play, what television shows, movies, or music you enjoy, or state any other hobbies or things you enjoy. You can also include a quote or display an image, however you're only allowed to display a single image to prevent threads from becoming too cluttered. This image must not exceed 200 pixels in height. And any text you choose to display in your signature must not exceed 4 lines.

The amount of posts you make determine what your rank is, here at Simagination, and these ranks are displayed directly below a users name beneath their avatar. This of course does not include Administrators or Moderators, which will be stated in the same place as simply ''Administrator'' or ''Moderator'' or in the case of special moderators, their special rank title will be displayed. These can be quickly identified by two crown images that sit at both ends of an administrator or moderators rank making it easy for you to find and contact said people if needed. There are seven basic ranks, ranging all the way from 0-750 posts. Once you hit 1000-5000 posts there are an additional 7 ranks, all of which display a special image before said rank title so you can be easily identified as a long term member. The final rank [at 5000] is when you achieve V.I.P. status, at which time you will gain access to our V.I.P. lounge and will be featured in our V.I.P. section found on the portal page. Administrators, moderators, and special moderators are immediately granted V.I.P. status, meaning they automatically have access to the V.I.P. lounge and are granted featured positions within the V.I.P. section on the portal page, but as they are administrators and moderators, their rank will not display the V.I.P. text.

The V.I.P. Lounge
The V.I.P. Lounge is an exclusive forum at the bottom of the forum page. The V.I.P. Lounge is a place for you to share exclusive downloads, have private conversations with other V.I.P. members, and most importantly, once you have been granted access to the V.I.P. Lounge you are considered an integral part of the Simagination machine, meaning you have the freedom to discuss and contribute to Simagination ideas, events, and features. As a V.I.P. member you're also considered first for any positions special moderators may be looking to fill.

Administrators and Moderators
There is only one Administrator here at Simagination, myself.

There are two basic moderator positions available now, and these positions are for friendly people that aren't afraid to lead. As a basic moderator you are expected to keep the peace and stay unbiased. You are also expected to respond quickly, calmly, and effectively when you witness rule breaking or offensive material. In some cases this may involve editing a users posts to remove the offensive material, and in more drastic situations this might involve deleting entire threads. While you're expected to hand out warnings and temporarily ban when necessary, it's not all bad. Basic moderators also hold the 2nd place on our 3 tiers of leadership. Basic moderators can share ideas, plan/host events, and hand out rewards and prizes. Basic moderators are also expected to greet every new person with a welcoming spirit and stay moderately active on the forum.

However our 3rd Tier of leadership is held by our special moderators, which can be applied for by contacting a Basic Moderator or Administrator. These are special moderators that either run a specific category that they're passionate about, or they can define their own job. For example, special moderators may not have all of the responsibilities and perks of basic moderators, but can be in control of Simagination specific magazines or newspapers, of which they would be expected to hire staff members, plan out articles, interview and feature different members, highlight new members and invent awards, etc... You decide what type of special moderator you want to be, and as a special moderator you will be given a special rank.

Our rules are simple here at Simagination.

1. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. This also means, if you see drama going on, if you participate even if you were not the instigator or one of the original parties involved, and even if you are polite about it, you will be given a warning, no exception. Drawing more attention to, adding to, or participating in drama is not acceptable here. We understand loyalty here at Simagination, but if you wish to defend a friend, you are expected to do so off site. If it is done via P.M. and said conversation is screenshotted, you will be given a warning, temporarily banned, and eventually perma banned if the behavior persists. Immature or threatening behavior is not allowed.

We do not wish to silence anyone, and understand people often have conflicting or confrontational feelings and opinions, but we would rather you use another outlet such as a journal, blog, your own site, a non-simagination private chat, etc... to express these feelings if they're going to cause drama or offend people. We just want everyone to feel welcome and safe here, which is why we also discourage ''rant'' posts.

2. Do not post any real life pornographic material [This includes images, videos, and R-Rated writing]. Tasteful sim nudity [Non-Pornographic] is allowed, but must be be tagged directly before the thread title precisely as ''[M]'', and hash-tagged within the post as #Mature. Any sim nudity posted in a thread that you have not started, must be hidden via spoiler until the original poster updates said thread title with the appropriate tag, at which time the spoiler can be removed.

3. No cliques. This is not to be confused with simply having people you feel more comfortable with/friends. Cliquish behavior would include thing such as, excluding specific people simply because they are not a part of your ''group'', consistently favoring the same person or people [an example of this would be competition hosts/judges] not for their posts/work but because they're your pals, or ganging up on people that are not in your circle of friends. Simagination is meant to be a safe place for all of us to share, talk, and make friends outside of the pack/riot/gang mentality you often see on popular blogging/networking sites and you might see on other fan forums.

Most importantly, if you feel hurt, someone is being passive aggressive/rude, or you feel threatened or unwelcome here to any degree or for any reason, it is okay for you to contact an administrator or basic moderator depending on who you feel most comfortable talking to. Our administrators and basic moderators are encouraged to be unbiased and welcoming to all people of all types, but we are people too, which is why you are welcome to contact whomever you feel most comfortable with [In the rare case it is a moderator or administrator that is making you feel this way]. For leadership reasons, you are expected to post screenshots and links if possible as proof of what or whom has caused you distress, as we cannot help you otherwise.

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