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SUPERNATURAL CHARACTERS - Creation Guide and Supernatural Tips.

SUPERNATURAL CHARACTERS - Creation Guide and Supernatural Tips.

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SUPERNATURAL CHARACTERS - Creation Guide and Supernatural Tips. Empty SUPERNATURAL CHARACTERS - Creation Guide and Supernatural Tips.

Post  Evie on Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:07 pm

Supernatural Characters
Creation Guide and Supernatural Tips.

Have a thorough read over the supernatural history and all three primary supernatural outlines (Wolves, Vampires, & Witches/Warlocks), not just the supernatural you're applying for. Supernatural characters in the world of our RP are all linked, dating all the way back to their creation. And every supernatural species has something to fear from another, and something to desire from another. It is of vital importance that every supernatural player maintain the balance between our supernatural species. And more importantly, as threads, plots, and characters develop, as do our outlines, however our outlines are only updated one to three times a year. Joining our slack team and having a chat with people that play the supernatural type you're interested in is a good idea if you want updated information on said species. You can see who plays what in our Supernatural Listing.

Witches & Warlocks > Vampires
Witches and warlocks possess physical control over vampires. Witches and warlocks of the necromancy type possess even more control over vampires, physical as well as mental. There is an ancient magic within a vampires blood, and this magic can be tapped into and absorbed by witches and warlocks of any type. This is generally done through the blood of a vampire but this power can be accessed in many ways depending on a witch or warlocks personal method. This can provide them with a power boost or refill energy they've expelled.

Vampires > Wolves
Vampires were created for the sole purpose of hunting wolves. Because this is so deeply rooted into their being, they actually crave wolf blood above all blood types. It is considered a delicacy, however possibly more interesting, feasting on a wolf grants them a power boost and high. This power boost and high can be stacked the more wolves a vampire feasts upon. While most vampires have become gluttonous as well as lazy, making humans the ideal hunt because of their ease and abundance, many vampire can't deny that desire within when in the presence of a wolf.

Wolves > Witches & Warlocks
Much like vampires crave the blood of wolf, wolf craves the flesh and blood of witches and warlocks. It is unknown where this desire comes from, but unlike vampires, most wolves become uncontrollably ravenous when in the presence of a witch or a warlock. Some believe it is the magic within the blood of witches and warlocks that a wolf craves, and it is that magic that is very likely the cause of the power boost and high wolves acquire after eating a witch or a warlock. While this desire is mostly uncontrollable, personal control does play a small factor in how a wolf deals with this hunger when in the presence of a witch or a warlock. And just the same, higher ranked wolves are known to possess a bit more restraint as well. However, if a wolf does lose control, which is likely, they instantly become more animal than human.

It's important that you choose a supernatural species that interests you. Don't just apply for a character because you feel they're sadly under-applied, because your interest in the species will greatly improve your experience here. Those of us that play supernatural characters, play them because we enjoy them, and we all share a passion or fan-like mentality over the supernaturals we each enjoy the most, which makes discussions and plotting more productive and fun! However, it's equally important to play your role correctly and avoid making the mistake of misinterpreting interest by choosing a supernatural species because they sound "the most powerful". As stated in the paragraphs above, every supernatural species has something to fear from another, making the power balance between each species somewhat even. There are obvious spikes in power for various supernatural species/types, these are:

+ Wolves:
Pack Masters/Alphas are the most (potentially) magically powerful, and physically powerful of the wolf species.
Warlords are the most physically powerful of the wolf species.
Spiritual Leaders are the most magically powerful of the wolf species.

+ Vampires:
Ancient, Senior, and Aged vampires are the most physically powerful of the vampire species.

+ Witches/Warlocks:
Witches and warlocks that belong to a coven share a pool of power with their coven as they're all connected magically, making those that belong to a coven more powerful than solo witches and warlocks. Naturally coven leaders possess the most power of this species.

However, when applying for a supernatural, be sure to check out our Supernatural Listing. The roles available for the most powerful of each species are limited, and many have already been claimed. Of course more slots can be opened up if requested, but your request must also come with a reason. We don't open up additional powerful slots for people that just want to play a strong character because it's cool. However we are incredibly lenient on opening up powerful supernatural slots for people that have interesting plot ideas, especially ideas that others can latch onto and be a part of with a certain level of creative freedom. And even better, if you need help finding a canon way for your character to exist in, Index as an additional powerful being, we are all more than willing to help your character fit in canonly.

But just because the powerful supernatural slots you want might already be claimed, that doesn't mean your character can't be awesome. In fact, the difficulties of playing an OP character, especially one that is supernatural, can actually make playing one less fun if you haven't quite found that balance that prevents your character from conquering, but also prevents them from being played uncanonly weak. Because of this challenge, may opt for lower ranked supernatural characters, giving them the opportunity to play a powerful and interesting creature, but also avoiding the potential burden that comes with said difficulties and challenges. And potentially even more fun, supernatural characters that belong to a group, (Wolves:Pack, Vampires:Nest, Witches/Warlocks:Coven), especially those that aren't considered "the most powerful", have the option and freedom that supernatural roles provide.

Supernatural roles are specific specialties your character may excel at within their pack/nest/coven. Within our supernatural outline, there is a page with a short list of predetermined roles, and not all apply to every supernatural species. However, you're not limited to the roles listed within our outlines page. In fact, you're free to invent roles that suit both your character, and their particular group [P/N/C] based on what your characters P/N/C needs, and what your character is good at. Roles, in some ways, can potentially be more fun and rewarding than playing an all powerful being, especially because roles that are catered to your character open your character up to easy plots. If your character is playing the role of a medic for example, many other characters, maybe even characters that aren't the same supernatural species as your character may require services from your character. Now this obviously opens up a whole bunch of interesting options for you. Maybe your character will only exchange services for payment, maybe that's money, maybe it's a favor, it's all up to you, and more importantly, up to your characters personality.

When creating a supernatural character on Index, some things that may seem trivial do need to be considered. And the most important thing of all, is where your character is from, and who they may have connections to in town. This does take a bit of time and slack messaging to get right, but the end result is far more rewarding than simply moving a stranger into town and hoping for the best. Not only do ties and/or established roots in the town of Index make your life easier, but these choices can ultimately benefit everyone. All of our big sitewide plots here at Index are supernatural in nature, so creating a tie to the town, or even better, a connection to an already active character gives you a shoe in the door, getting you involved in sitewide plots right from the start. Which is something you want. While we definitely support and encourage everyone to have personal plots, we also feel it's incredibly important to get involved with mass plots as well. If you're only working through personal plots and not taking the time to learn about other peoples characters, plots, and mass plots, your experience will be closer to that of writing a book, which is not recommended for roleplay. RP is a team effort and should be treated as such.

Next, you're going to want to talk with an administrator or veteran of the site about any story lines or ideas that might stray too far off of the outlines. We here at Index definitely encourage creative thinking, and history has proven that many, many exceptions to the rule have been approved for Index in the past. (Unique people, with unique characters, with unique story lines) However we have been around for a long time, and a lot of unique ideas have already been claimed. For example, applying for a lone wolf or a wolf from another pack might seem like a fun idea, but we have a few of those already. And more importantly, for current and future plots, it's in your best interest to not isolate your character so drastically from the start. Instead, a different approach could involve your character as a member of the Index pack, but they decide to break off, being lone for a while before eventually one day forming their own pack. Just remember, big ideas require time and thought, and you'll definitely need a canon reason for the choices you make with your supernatural characters. A lot of the decisions supernatural players make, impact everyone, and that is definitely something to consider.

Know your boundaries. Unfortunately and fortunately, Index development has been years in the making. Every member has contributed to the supernaturals and how those supernaturals function not only as a species, but as a member of the Index community. This is fortunate because much time and effort has been devoted to Index. The collaborative experience has made it fun and exciting and everyone has been monumental in sorting out difficult discrepancies in each supernatural outline. But... As so much has been developed, as have limitations developed. No one is bound to a strict set of rules for their supernatural character to follow. However, there are some loose restraints. For example, simply desiring a wolf and vampire forbidden love plot because it sounds awesome won't work here. There are always ways for things to become canon, but planning out a strict path for you and your RP partner to follow in order to reach that tiny door of opportunity is more limiting than the supernatural laws themselves. Let things happen naturally, everyone finds that tiny door of opportunity for a typically uncanon plot to become canon eventually. While it may not lead you to where you originally wanted, it's worth having fun along the way, rather than following a set of personal and strict rules to get there.

On the topic of wolves, witches, and warlocks... It is actually highly encouraged their special powers are powers that sound fun and interesting to you. You have much more freedom here with witches and warlocks. With wolves it can be a bit tricky because you can't just give your wolf the ability to sprout wings and fly. Their abilities need to be offensive, defensive, or in some way beneficial to them, or their pack. This is because gifts are granted to wolves by their ancestors for a purpose. Choosing an ability for your wolf that can be used regularly is important if you want to take advantage of their power. You also might want to think about what kind of situations you'd most enjoy using your wolf's special ability, and make sure that it applies naturally. Considering how an ability can be used in combat is also incredibly important for wolves. While not all wolves possess combat ready powers, most do, and finding a balance between an ability that you can use regularly in and out of combat is important if you want to get the most out of it.

While it's important to give human characters negative traits, it's even more important for you to give your supernatural characters weaknesses. No one wants to RP with a character that is OP. Everyone gets their moment to shine, but everyone also needs to be willing to take a blow too. Really consider how your character takes those blows as well. While there are many reasons for all supernaturals to be incredibly resilient, remember... Most of the blows your character will be enduring will be coming from supernatural characters as well. While your vampire might not even flinch at a punch from a human, they should be taking pretty hefty blows from witches, warlocks, and wolves, especially if those wolves are high ranked and witches/warlocks are coven leaders, or in a coven. Even more so if your vampire is not of aged, senior, or ancient age. [Though they take hefty blows too, which is something everyone should remember]

That's all folks.

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