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RP Idea: The Five

RP Idea: The Five

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RP Idea: The Five Empty RP Idea: The Five

Post  Evie on Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:00 am

Humans: [Native Westerners (Mortals)]: Advanced Technology.

Immortals: [Native Westerners (Vampires)]: Compulsion, Speed, Strength.

Mimics [Native Easterners (Barbarians)]: Shape shifting abilities.

Celestials [Native Southerners (Gypsies)]: Empathic & Spellcasting abilities.
Yellow, Green, or brown eyes. Celestials are almost always born with black, brown, copper, or red hair, but a very select few are born with white hair, these particular Celestials are known as ''mixed-bloods'' as it is widely believed they are the product of an ancestor mating with an Arctic. Celestials are born of medium to dark skin, depending on where their ancestry originated from. Celestials are beautiful and exotic people, and their land, lifestyle, clothing, and surroundings are no exception. Everything is intricately designed, sculpted, and decorated with bright colors, gold, and patterns. Celestials dabble in ''parlor trick'' magic. Playing with herbs and enchantments [talismans, small spells, etc...] is their specialty, and while they can produce purposeful results, they can also do these tricks on the streets for an audience, inspiring the tourists with pretty colors, fire, and disappearing acts.

Oracles [Native Northerners (Arctics)]: Seer & Telepathic abilities.
White, grey, or blue eyes. Oracles always have very light blonde or white hair. Oracles have very pale skin with pink undertones. Older oracles or well practiced oracles that have spent their life dedicated to their magic tend to go blind, their sight in the current world less important than their sight into other realms or times. Their blindness is not a weakness however, as they can get around just fine by sensing the energy radiating off of their surroundings. Partial blindness or blindness in one eye is also common. These particular oracles are the most powerful and have tapped into ancient magic that used to rule the north such as soul jumping [entering and controlling the body of another living being] and necromancy.


There are two primary districts within the city.
Two opposing factions.

Ground Level is almost apocalyptic. Modern [2017] structures overtaken by wildlife and a haven for synths, many quite obviously synthetic, but many convincingly human. There are also robotic animals and other creatures of varying threat levels [from completely docile to dangerous] that roam the land.

CHAOS: - Nothing in this world is new. Everything is recycled, everything has history, and hardly anything is mass produced. This isn't about industry, it's about survival, and more importantly, surviving the world that government run industry created [the enemies (synths) on the surface world, created by the ORDER faction.] Intentions are up to the player and their character.
District Underground [Underground Faction]: steampunk themed / Dieselpunk
A large underground city pieced together with what can be salvaged from the surface, and innovative, quirky, awe inspiring rustic designs built using the creative minds of the locals.

+ Weres [Wolves] - Can transform into wolves. (brutes/rugged/gamblers/partiers/snarky) - tend to stick to their own kind but know and respect where their alliance is [with celestials and mimics].

+ Celestials [Gypsies] - Empathic & Spellcasting abilities. (alluring/sly/scoundrels/deceptive) - They go where there's money, fame, or opportunity for personal gain, very likable almost to an extreme extent. Family oriented.

+ Mimics [Shifters] - Can transform into other human-like beings and warp time. (leaders/intellectual/innovative/manic) - Very much solo beings and tend to dislike others of their own kind. Personalities range from quirky to down right insane [typically those that have forgotten what their true face looks like and have adapted too many personality types and memories from those they've shifted into thus they can't shift back to or find their true self anymore].

Unique career options for the Underground Faction:
+ Bounty Hunters [Either solo or in pairs (with a partner)]
+ Salvagers [Typically work in small teams to scout and salvage materials/items/people from the surface.]

ORDER - Their world is very orderly, government run, symmetrical, and sleek. The apperance ranges from downright futuristic [High class] to the grungy/futuristic hybrid [Lower-Mid class] you've come to know and love from cyberpunk. This faction is about government run industry. Intentions are up to the player and their character.
District Skye [Sky faction]: cyberpunk themed
+ Immortals [Vampires] - Compulsion, Speed, Strength. (mysterious/haunting/frightening/curious)
+ Oracles [Arctics] - Seer & Telepathic abilities. (whimsical/captivating/socially unusual/other worldly)
+ Humans

That's all folks.

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