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Post  Evie on Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:47 pm

Guild Bank: Take when/what you need. Give when you can.

Each member is allowed to withdraw 1 gold per day.

Anything deposited into the guild bank is free reign, so don't deposit items you actually want to keep or trade with specific members, as once it is deposited, you have no say over who can claim said item or how they choose to use it [I.E. if they choose to sell said item.] and any objections after an item has been deposited will be ignored. There are also items which are prohibited from being placed into the guild bank. A list of what can be deposited into the guild bank can be found below. If an item is not on the below list, it is not allowed to be deposited.

First Tab: Basics
+ Copper, Silver, Gold
+ Potion of Grand Healing.
+ Greater Potion of Dragon Slaying, Greater Scroll of Protection from Dragons.
+ Greater Scroll of Identification.

Second Tab: Epics
+ Glorious Resurgence Lockboxes.
+ Rank 7 or Higher runestones or enchantments, unrefined only. [If it cannot stack, it is not allowed.]
+ Lesser - Transcendent Enhancements, unrefined only. [If it cannot stack, it is not allowed.]
+ Greater or Major Armor kits.
+ Greater Companion Experience Treatise.

Third Tab: Refinement
+ Rank 5 runestones and enchantments, unrefined only. [If it cannot stack, it is not allowed.]
+ Blood Ruby, Black Opal, Greater Resonance Stone, Flawless Saphire, Aquamarine, Resonance Stone, Peridot, Lesser Resonance Stone. Thaumaturgic stones of all ranks are also allowed.
+ Preservation wards.

Fourth Tab: Appearance
+ Tarmalune Trade Bar Dyes.
+ Dye Remover.
+ Fashion Packs. [Single fashion items are not allowed, packs only.]

Fifth Tab: Giveaways
Anything deposited into this tab is to be given away via drawings. These will begin once I have received and accepted 3 or more offers from members which wish to donate to the giveaway. In order to donate to the giveaway, you must send me a message on our forums listing the item[s] you wish to donate, I will then tell you whether or not I accept your offer. Mounts and companions of common-legendary status will always be automatically accepted. Duplicates of mounts and/or companions that are common or rare quality are allowed [allowing the winner to equip on multiple characters or sell], or if you'd rather, duplicates can be saved for future giveaways. Duplicates of epic or legendary items will be accepted, but saved for the following giveaway. If you've sent an item that I've already approved with another member, I will message you back informing you that it will be a duplicate, and you can either accept or deny the transfer. If your items have been approved, you will need to send them to me via in game mail, or trade with me in game so I can deposit them into the giveaway tab for all to see. Contributers to giveaways will be acknowledged in the winners announcement forum when the winners have been announced. If you've won, make sure to thank those that donated the items you acquired. Beggars and whiners are not allowed. If someone wins, do not ask them for their items, even if they've won duplicates or won multiple times. If you did not win, refrain from complaining or whining, winners are drawn quite literally out of a hat at random by sheer luck.

That's all folks.

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