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Arkadius ----

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Post  Evie on Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:12 am

Arkadius is a world where magic and advanced technology meet and often collide.
There are three alliances, these are ________. Each one means _______. --- [Personal note: Triangle is the main design for headers.]

Northerners otherwise known as ''Arctics''.
Arctics consist of humans and Oracles, although Oracles owned the land long before humans invaded their territory. Werewolves, wolves, and shifters also reside in the Ancient Wood, a portion of the north that is the most untouched by man, contains the oldest wildlife, and nurtures the animals that live there. Arctics live a less technologically advanced lifestyle, though they aren't completely excluded from the technological advances of the modern world. Until recently, most Arctics lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, self sufficiency being the most important transfer from the old world to the new. As more and more humans began moving north, with them came technology, which has began spreading wide across the northern continents. As the older of the Oracle bloodlines began dying off, the younger more impressionable Oracles began adapting to the technology that humans brought with them, and have become just as reliant on said technology as the rest of the world. As time has gone on, and more focus has been directed towards technology, Oracles have begun losing their magic, although some still practice, there are just as many that don't and their rich heritage and magical history has become more and more threatened by the new world.

Southerners otherwise known as ''Gypsies''.
Gypsies consist of Celestials. But the warm land of the Celestials is a diverse place filled with faces and species from around the world seeking the allure of the exotic land.

Westerners otherwise known as ''Wetlanders''.
Westerners are people that live on the coast, and reside in the city of Arkadius, the home of our roleplay. The city is the centerpoint between northerners and southerners, and is connected by the largest and fastest rail in the world that speeds between each main city of each main region. This city is home to many, despite the rainy weather, Arkadius is the city of creation, where inhumans were born, immortals flourished after rising into the public eye, and peace between the north and south was finally announced.

Common Technology

+ Oracles: Seer abilities. White, grey, or blue eyes. Oracles almost always have white hair, but some from certain bloodlines near the border are born with black hair. Oracles have very pale skin with pink undertones. Older oracles or well practiced oracles that have spent their life dedicated to their magic tend to go blind, their sight in the current world less important than their sight into other realms or times. Their blindness is not a weakness however, as they can get around just fine by sensing the energy radiating off of their surroundings. These particular oracles are the most powerful and have tapped into ancient magic that used to rule the north such as soul jumping [entering and controlling the body of another] and necromancy.
+ Celestials: Empathic abilities. Yellow, Green, or brown eyes. Celestials are almost always born with black, brown, copper, or red hair, but a very select few are born with white hair, these particular Celestials are known as ''mixed-bloods'' as it is widely believed they are the product of an ancestor mating with an Arctic. Celestials are born of medium to dark skin, depending on where their ancestry originated from. Celestials are beautiful and exotic people, and their land, lifestyle, clothing, and surroundings are no exception. Everything is intricately designed, sculpted, and decorated with bright colors, gold, and patterns. Celestials dabble in ''parlor trick'' magic. Playing with herbs and enchantments [talismans, small spells, etc...] is their specialty, and while they can produce purposeful results, they can also do these tricks on the streets for an audience, inspiring the tourists with pretty colors, fire, and disappearing acts.
+ Immortals:
+ Inhumans:

That's all folks.

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