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Post  Evie on Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:21 pm

Welcome to Inspiration; A competition where limits and boundaries are a thing of the past! Inspiration is about breaking down those walls that separate you from that glorious space outside of the box. This competition is about pushing yourself, and embracing when your first artistic instinct gets stomped into the dirt by more challenging, creative, and interesting ideas. Joining this competition means you want to move people with your images. You want to inspire people, you want to tell a story or be just plain unusual and intriguing through imagery.


Host Notes:
Inspiration has hosted several very successful cycles in the past. It has been a few years since another cycle has intrigued me enough to finally host again. I haven't had it in me to actually join a competition in a long time, and still, I don't feel like I'm in that place where I'm comfortable enough to join, but hosting is something that while it may take a bit more effort, it is manageable and just as exciting, if not more!


The idea behind inspiration is just that, to be inspired. You will never be given a straight forward, set in stone assignment. You will never feel limited, and it is encouraged and expected of you that you be creative, and only that. How this works is simple. Each assignment you will be given an image, video, and/or song, and all that is expected of you, is that you find inspiration within the assignment, and create something captivating! No color schemes, no themes, your only limitations are the limitations of your own imagination.



Creativity: #/10
Creativity being the most important, you can be granted up to ten points. Going for your usual idea isn't going to cut it here. We want you to think outside of the box.

Composition: #/5
We're looking for great use of lighting, placement and relevance of objects, relevant use of poses, story telling capabilities [through imagery, not writing], etc... All of this will be factored into your composition score.

Individuality: #/5
You are in no way penalized for having your own style, and in fact, that is what we're looking for. We're looking for images we haven't seen a million times before. We're looking for that one picture that stands out from the crowd. We're looking for that one person that cares less about creating something pretty, and cares more about creating something captivating, intriguing, and unique.

Thought & Effort: #/5
This will be based on what we see. We want you to grow, we want you to become the best version of yourself when it comes to competing in simatography competitions. Your first assignment will be based off of your application images [We want you to match or more importantly, exceed the quality and creativity of what you consider to be your best images.] From then on, thought and effort will be based on your previous assignments, as well as the images submitted by your competitors for any given assignment.

Each competitor will be given comments at the end of each assignment. These comments are not coming from experts. Hosts/judges are not always the wisest when it comes to every aspect of an image, but just like you, we try our best to be good at what we're doing. We will try to give you something to work on, but sometimes, we might just want to sit back and tell you how much we enjoyed your picture. If we tell you we want you to work on something, this doesn't mean you're bad, it just means we want to see how you do with the challenge.


What is not allowed:

Borders: Adding borders around your images will immediately dock 5 points from your total score.

Filters: Messing with filters can often decrease the overall quality of your image. [I'm not talking about playing with hues, colors, saturation, black and white, etc... That is all allowed.]. But if your usual style is to slap a filter on a picture [such as instagram filters, sepia tones, etc...] and then immediately submitting your image, all we ask is that you don't do this. Your raw image will do far better in this competition than an image with a vintage filter.

Text: The point in inspiration is to convey what you want to convey through your image, and only your image. Descriptions and stories often tell the viewer/reader how to feel, and by doing so you can sometimes lose that connection to the viewer/reader if what you've written makes them feel like they cant relate. Let our imaginations run wild! [For the record, this also includes text on images. If you submit an image with text on it, 5 points will immediately be docked from your total score.]

Copying Images or scenes: We don't want to see blatant copies or even abundant similarities between your images and the assignments. Some similarities are okay, but copies are just that, copies. Remember, in this competition you are not penalized for drifting too far off of the assignment, in fact, that's what we want. We as hosts/judges want to get a feel that you were inspired by the assignment, sure, but we don't want to see a copy of what was assigned.

Needless to say, overall bad attitudes will result in an instant removal from the competition. Just have fun guys! Be polite, be supportive, don't put yourself down, don't put others down, just smile and do what you do. While this is a competition, in the end, it's just for fun, so... Just have fun!

Photoskinning: No elements from outside of your game [whichever sims game you play] may be used in your images. This means no, you are not even allowed to find images online to use as backgrounds. While photoskinning is highly controversial, and we understand it is an art form in itself, we want to keep this as raw and real as possible. Everything from backgrounds, decor, hair, makeup, etc... all must be either set up in game, or edited free hand from scratch by you.


What is allowed:

Changing up Models: You're not required to use a specific model throughout this competition. Some ideas call for different faces, genders, skintones, beings, creatures, etc...

Editing: Edit if you want, don't if you don't. People won't be scored for being the better editor, people will be scored based on their creativity and use of the games mechanics to create something awesome.

Simless Images: Sims aren't even required if you feel like they'll ruin the vibe of your image. If you wanna go simless, go for it!

Overall weirdness: Let's get weird!


How to apply:

Images: We want you to gather anywhere from 1-3 of your best simatography pictures and post them right here to make your other competitors tremble with fear. Muahahahahaha. In all seriousness, these 1-3 images need to be your proudest work. [The first image you submit will be used as your competitor ID, so make sure you put whichever you want to be used as your image throughout this competition at the very top.] If you don't have any pictures [I.E. You're completely new to competitions/simatography] then submit an image, anything that inspires you. Submitting these pictures will reserve you a spot, and you can begin working on your assignment whenever you feel darn ready.


Teams: We're going to do something a bit different. Once you reserve your spot, you will be randomly placed on a team. [Team OnyxIrony, or Team _____]. These two people will be your team leaders and will be the ones providing you with your assignments past assignment 1. Your team leader will be the one providing your scores, but every contestant will be given comments at the end of each assignment.

That's all folks.

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