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Roleplay Rules & Guidelines for Hosts and Joiners.

Roleplay Rules & Guidelines for Hosts and Joiners.

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Roleplay Rules & Guidelines for Hosts and Joiners. Empty Roleplay Rules & Guidelines for Hosts and Joiners.

Post  Evie on Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:01 am


Read the first post of each roleplay carefully before deciding to join. While every member is expected to follow the roleplaying global rules, hosts can also have a set of their own rules that you will need to follow in addition to the global rules. If you unsure how to roleplay, contact an admin or the host of the roleplay you're interested in via P.M. and ask questions. Joining roleplays simply to promote them or help the hosts earn their own childboard is forbidden. Just the same, if a host has recruited you to promote via likes, creating threads to discuss, or bump up the activity, know that this is a rule breaking offense and if discovered can lead to warnings and eventually bans of all guilty of aiding, including the host themselves.


Featured Roleplays: Earn your own child board.

Roleplay hosts can earn their own sub-forum.
Find a list of the Featured Roleplay perks below.

Featured Banner:
Owning your own roleplay child board will allow you to proudly display a banner to represent your roleplays theme and entice others to read and join.

Moderator Controls:
As the host of a Featured Roleplay, you will have access to moderator controls allowing you to create sticky messages, merge topics, split topics, and delete topics created in your roleplay.

Roleplay Events:
Featured Roleplay hosts can create in-character roleplay events for all of their roleplayers to enjoy.

Room for Expansion:
Featured Roleplays give you the freedom to expand your world due to the ability to separate threads. You can create separate threads for different locations, allow people to participate in one-on-one roleplays within your roleplay world in their own separate threads, or set it up however else feels natural.


Roleplay childboards can be earned by successfully hosting an active and well hosted roleplay.
Qualify by achieving at least 5 of the 10 requirements below, excluding the mandatory requirement of which is indicated by double *'s.

+ Said roleplay has reached 20+ pages for paragraph roleplays / or / 50+ pages for brief roleplays.**
+ Said roleplay consists of at least 10 or more original characters.
+ Said roleplay has received a lot of interest via post likes.
+ Said roleplay has received a lot of interest via discussion by uninvolved and involved participants elsewhere on Simagination.
+ Said roleplay has been consistently active [at least 1 post per week for paragraph roleplays / or / at least 1 post every 3 days for brief roleplays].
+ Said roleplay has gained a following of readers excluding those participating. [Signatures or quoted proof required.]
+ Said roleplay has gained a following of participants and/or eager participants. [Signatures or quoted proof required.]
-The figures represented above are on average, as every roleplay can experience RP dryspells.
+ The host has shown continued interest and devotion to their roleplay via participation.
+ The host has an informative, well thought out, and well put together description post.
+ The host has consistently followed and enforced the roleplay rules [including any personal rules].


Once you've met at least 5 of the 10 requirements including the mandatory, contact an administrator with the list of requirements you've met, a link to your roleplay, any proof [signatures or quoted proof where necessary], and a banner image of precisely ###px by ###px to represent your roleplay. Your featured position will be granted once your requirements have been confirmed. Phone-Only and/or Social-Media-Only roleplays are not eligible for a featured roleplay position.

Global Rules

1. Attempt to post with proper spelling and grammar to the best of your ability.

2. Every roleplay must consist of at least two partners; The roleplay host, and their partner[s].

3. Posts containing sexual or pornographic material are strictly forbidden. Implied intimate encounters otherwise known as FTB or fade to black posts, are allowed.

4. Practice good roleplay etiquette. Every post should be separated by a different character. If you were the last person to post, you are not free to post again in the same roleplay with the same character until after someone else has. And if your character is interacting with another, wait for the character their interacting with to post a reply before moving on.

5. Threads containing triggering posts should be tagged as ''[Trigger Warning]'' directly before the topic title by the topic starter aka roleplay host. Extreme cases of triggering content is strictly forbidden. Implied triggers do not require the tag. Obscene language, written nudity, and violence are allowed, however should be tagged differently as ''[LNV]'' which stands for Language, Nudity, and Violence. If you see either of these tags, [Trigger Warning] and/or [LNV] read at your own discretion.

That's all folks.

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